King Sized Confusion

Please, somebody tell me they saw the Anna Nicole Smith interview on Larry King Live last night. Oh my God, that was painful. Anna may have lost a lot of weight, but her head is still full of rocks. It got to the point where Larry King was actually answering his own questions cause he was tired of waiting on her extremely slow and muddled responses. At one point she was referring to her vagina as a biscuit. Here is the actual transcript:

SMITH: OK. Well, OK, they had a cake of me there, you know, a naked me, and they had — it was naked and they had the biscuit, you know, the biscuit and the boobs, and I was standing by the cake, and there was this guy there, and he’s like, oh, you want me to show you how to eat biscuit? I was like, sure. Sure. Show me.
KING: We’re approaching halftime at the Super Bowl here, Anna. I think it sounds a little wild.
SMITH: What?
KING: It sounds — that was just a start of the party.
SMITH: That was the start of it. Do you want me to finish telling you about the cake?

Larry King was baffled and had to stop her story. About half way through they brought out her lawyer and King directed most of his questions to him, seeing as how he could actually answer them.

10 thoughts on “King Sized Confusion”

  1. yeah, it is pretty pittiful. she was soooo sloooow. and occasionally she would just sit there and go umm umm umm umm. it was simply painful (and funny) to watch. i just hoped somebody got else to see it.

  2. i kinda watched it. it was on at the gym when i was there and i forgot my head phones so i had to just read the transcript. she would just take FOREVER to say anything and she would just repeat herslef like 4 times with everything she says. she does seem kinda tragic, but mostly dumb.

  3. i just read the transcript online, and maybe written its much different, but i think your selection here is misleading. it looks like king is really pushing her to tell him about the biscuit thing.

  4. chevy – yeah it is much, much, different written. you can’t get any feel for how she was stumbling over her own words. king was pressing her to talk about her birthday party, he didn’t want to have anything to do with her “biscuit”.

    erin – i didn’t see the bush interview, but him and anna should go on a spoken word tour. i’d pay good money for a ticket to that.

    jocelyn – you’re totally right. i stand corrected. i’ll just shut my ugly, pimply, scarred, face up now.

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