12 thoughts on “Ski Day Pictures”

  1. DAMN, WHY WHY WHY didn’t I got to college in CO like I had planned all my life…. WHY WHY WHY didn’t I move there when I graduated…. I’d be much happier for sure… I miss it there. I used to go 5-10 times a year…. now nothing… 🙁 i’m jealous.

  2. kelly – thanks!

    genuine – yeah, it’s really, really easy to take it for granted here. arguably the prettiest state in the nation.

    jozjozjoz – awwwe shucks.

    h – i’d tell you it’s never to late to move but it’s getting crowded enough around here.

    jules – and often i wish that my world had an ocean and sand and that my whole world was sometimes the colors of sunsets.

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