• Making the bed is so much more pleasurable when your sheets have been folded properly – and not only do they take up a lot less space, they look great in your linen cupboard too! Follow this easy step-by-step guide on how to fold a fitted sheet.
  • The Zealots of Za are on the quest to sample as many different pizzas in the world as possible and try to separate the good from the bad. For now they may seem limited to the Denver, Colorado area, but when they travel, tasting new pizza is high on the priority list.

4 thoughts on “Artifacts”

  1. have you ever had Garlic Knot pizza? it is the best in denver in my opinion and it’s way the eff down in Roxborough near waterton canyon (lockheed martin). i think there’s another one on kipling or ken caryl but i can’t attest to their greatness. only the only in Roxborough.

  2. RE: sheets.
    i use flannel most of the time, which doesn’t wrinkle, and so if i can’t fold my sheets worth a shit, it doesn’t show on my bed. ALSO, forget the top sheet. go european and just do the fitted and the duvet. much less hassle!
    RE: pizza.
    i ate at il vicino in santa fe and was floored. they have one in denver i haven’t visited, though, being a small chain i’d expect the same stellar taste in my mouth. it’s on 6th and broadway. ummmm!

  3. I’ve have never had the pizzas at the Garlic Knot or Il Vicino. I’m excited to give them both a try though. My dad lives nearish Waterton so it’s not all that out of the way for me. The Buenos Aires Pizzaria is supposed to be exceptional as well. But again, I’ve yet to try it.

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