• Another restaurant I want to visit – Shopsin’s has moved to 54 Carmine Street in NYC, but they’ve still got that big old menu. If you dare, feast your eyes on this menu tour de force, all 11 pages of it.
  • There are those who believe it to be divinely inspired, but The Brick Testament has been created entirely by The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith (not a real Reverand) who builds stories from the Bible in which all the characters and settings out of LEGO bricks.
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  • Since I am of Clan McCleod, I already have my own colors. But this cool site gives you the chance to design your own Tartan. Once you have made your desing you can download the image or actually have them make something from your design.
  • documents experiences eating strange food, as this dude travels around the world. In the end, what is weird to one, is normal to another. He want to find out why. The site includes articles, travel stories, photos, pictures, etc.
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  1. In re The Brick Testament, a friend showed that to me last year. I particularly enjoyed “The Flood” in Genesis and “Instructions for Women” in The Epistles.

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