More Dumping

I guess I was right not to let that spring fever set in. It’s dumping here in Denver. Work was canceled today and may be again tomorrow. They are expecting two feet in some areas. Keep your fingers crossed.

6 thoughts on “More Dumping”

  1. Ever since I moved from 14th and steele, I have been to the P.S. far too infrequently. Although, it might say something about me hanging out there too much since Pete asks if I’m okay whenever he sees me… for chrissakes, Patrick bartended my wedding… Buy Rachel and Anika a drink for me, will ya?

  2. the P.S. is definatly on my list of places to visit. when i go there i’ll be sure to buy the bar tender a drink in your name. who knows maybe you’ll be there, hearing some skinny dude throwing your name around trying to get a free beer.

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