Snow Tubing

After Skiing on Saturday I headed up to Vail, which was incredibly nostalgic. I’m going up there again this weekend. Grandma’s time share, ya know. On sunday we went to Copper Mountain to do some snow tubing. It was a blast. It was $18 for an hour worth of sledding. It sounded like a rip-off to me too but this was ordinary sledding. No hiking up the hill. Long, long, long, sledding rides. Four Luge type sledding runs. A special run with jumps on it. And most importantly, a staff that will spin you as fast or push you as hard as you’d like.

The top of the sledding hill, Copper Mountain, CO

Getting ready for a big ride, Copper Mountain, CO

I also have a movie of the fun here. I was told that, while I was filming this, the staff gave me such a hard push at the top that he fell over and slid.

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  1. Before the pictures downloaded, I was going to make a snide comment about how the hike up the hill is a necessary part of the sledding experience and without that you cannot truly appreciate the slide back down. But I’ll make an exception here. I wonder if there’s something like that around here. God knows there’s enough hills and enough snow.

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