Eight Bit Hubs

Eight Bit Hubs

Eightbit.me is a fun little site that lets you 8bit yourself a new avatar and twitter icon. Those of us who grew up playing early video games will find this aesthetic deeply pleasing. Rumor has it that eventually the plan is to let all these personal avatars participate in some kind of game experience (are you listening SXSWers?).

I’m Dreaming Of A Chiptune Christmas

If you are anything like me (which you aren’t), you easily tire of the same old department store Christmas music. To kick myself out of a Nat King Cole induced coma I decided to put together the most complete collection of all 8-bit Christmas music the internets has to offer. This one goes out to you gamers, nostalgia lovers, gimmick freaks, and good old-fashioned Nat King Cole haters.

8-Bit Christmas – $3 at Bandcamp
The 8 Bits Of Christmas – Free (download)
Holy 8bit Night – 2,000 Yen on Japanese Amazon
8-Bit Jesus – Can be purchased for $9.99 on itunes
8 Bit Collective Advent Calendar 2008 – Free, at the 8bit collective
8 Bit Collective Advent Calendar 2009 – Free, at the 8bit collective.
Merry Pixmas – Free (download)
Kasio Kristmas – $8.99 from Amazon
A C64 Christmas – Free (download)
A Very 8-Bit Christmas – Free (download)
Another Very 8-Bit Christmas – Free (download)
A Very 8-Bit Christmas 3 – Free (download)
A Very 8-Bit Christmas 4 – Free (download)
The 8 Bit Christmas Album – Free (Download)

These may not be a strictly “8-bit” albums but they have enough chiptune on them I thought they were close enough to include:
Christmasasaurus Vol 1 – Free (download)
Christmasasaurus Vol 2 – Free (download)
Christmasasaurus Vol 3 – Free (download)
Christmasasaurus Vol 4 – Free (download).
Christmasasaurus Vol 5 – Free (download)

12/16/09 UPDATE: Her are a few new other compilations I’ve found since originally publishing:
It’s A Chiptune Holiday – $8.99 from 8 Bit Weapon
Happy Holidays from Foundation 9 – Not sure how to get a hold of this one yet.
Holiday EP – By Animal Style, I’m not sure where to find this one either.

12/1/11 UPDATE:More 8bit Xmas tune have been found
XMAS Compilation 2010 – Free (download)
Hard Turron: Xmas 2006 Chiptune Collection – Free (download)
A Very Chiptune Christmas – Available for download on Amazon “>Amazon for $5.99 and iTunes for $9.90
N4V1D4D 2010 – Free (download)

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