2016 SXSW Free Music Torrents & Radio

In what has become a sort of tradition around here, I am once again posting a link to the torrents that have all the MP3 files publicly posted on the SXSW Website that will be at the music showcase this year. This year’s torrents include 1,593 files totaling 10.33GB, making it the largest to-date.

SXSW 2016 Showcasing Artists Part 1, 1,006 files, 6.50GB
SXSW 2016 Showcasing Artists Part 2, 587 files, 3.82GB

Links to torrents for earlier years can be found on The (Unofficial) Home of SXSW Torrents website.

If you don’t want to have all these songs on your hard drive but want to have a listen, use this SXSW radio to give a random selection a listen.

2015 SXSW Music Torrent

After a rough patch last year, is back in full force. This years SXSW music torrent contains 844 files totaling 5.41GB with more to be released later this month. has music showcase torrents going all the way back to 2005 – 11 years worth of torrents with over 11,000 songs.

If you’re not interested in downloading/seeding but still want to listen to the music you might want to try this SXSW music page. Also, somebody has been trying to create a Spotify playlist of this years showcase artists as well.

2014 SXSW Music Torrent

So the SXSW Music Torrent is on some shaky ground this year. According to the (where I have gotten most of my previous links to SXSW Torrents):

Starting this year SXSW is replacing the sample tracks they have provided for years with links to Soundcloud pages. While there are certainly known ways to download those samples, Soundcloud goes through considerable trouble to prevent that from happening. Since these torrents have always been about providing easier access to otherwise readily downloadable samples instead of outright piracy, this regrettably means that, if SXSW sticks with this new design, we will be unable to provide torrents in the future.

So this year, has a single torrent with 783 tracks and there will likely not be a second installment this year.

There has been an effort to get a playlist together over on Spotify. So far there are 1800 tracks on that list.

Additionally, Pirate Bay has links to a torrent that claims:

Unofficial SXSW 2014 Music Showcase – over 1200 songs from 1200 different bands from the upcoming Annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, TX. More complete than – contains rips from youtube, soundcloud, and the SXSW site itself.

There is lot of overlap between all these sources, however, each source also contains songs the others don’t. Hopefully next year we’ll have a single, comprehensive list once again.

UPDATE: The Pirate Bay torrent has a bunch of missing file information so @pronoiac gathered it all up and put it in a spreadsheet. Additionally NPR has put out a list of 100 downloadable songs from bands at this year’s SXSW.

2013 SXSW Music Torrent & Radio

I’m a little late to the party this year but the 2013 SXSW Music Showcase Torrent is up for your downloading pleasure. I try to post a link to the torrent every year but Greg Hewgill’s website has torrents for SXSW years going all the way back to 2005. This year the torrent contains 999 files totaling 6.13 GB of music from bands playing at this years South By Southwest Music & Media Conference. Keep a close eye on Greg’s website because he will most likely be putting up a second torrent with more bands in early March.

If you’re not interested in downloading/seeding but still want to listen to the music you might want to try this (currently not working) SXSW FM page.

2012 SXSW Music Torrent & Radio

As per tradition, Here is a link to the 2011 SXSW Music Showcase Torrent. This year the torrent contains 771 files totaling 4.41 GB of music from bands playing at this years South By Southwest Music & Media Conference. Keep a close eye on Greg Hewgill’s website because he will most likely be putting up a second torrent with more bands in early March.

I have yet to find a service that is streaming this year’s files.

UPDATE: The second torrent has been released. It has an additional 448 files (2.8 GB)

[via jwz]

Disneyland Entry Whistle/Sound Ringtones

There have been a few people coming to looking for the ringtones of the little whistling sound that is made when you go through the turnstile at Disneyland so I thought I would post free downloads of it for anyone that wanted them as ringtones for their phone or alerts for their computer. I have also posted the sound that you here when they scan your ticket while entering Disneyland. Enjoy.

Disney Entry Whistle
Disney Entry Sound

Rotten Cheese

Considered by many to be the mother of all Ween bootlegs, Rotten Cheese is a six disc compilation showcasing the finest and brownest moments of Ween’s 1994-1995 Chocolate & Cheese tour. The comp was put together by Kirk Miller, Ween’s sound mixer during the tour so all the songs are straight off he board. There are plenty of highlights here including the 26 minute long “Poopship Destroyer” recorded in Hamburg, Germany, to obscurities like “I Get A Little Taste Of You” and “Dirty Money”. But as you can see from the track lists below this only scratches the surface.

I’ll be seeding the entire set on the brown tracker for next couple of weeks if you want to download the torrent. Otherwise you can download the first five albums from the links in the set list below.


Google Alarm

It’s no secret that Google is monitoring and recording tons of personal information and documenting your surfing habits as you cruise around the internet. Gmail, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube embeds, API calls… all of this data can be used to monitor & track your personal web browsing habits

The fine folks over at F.A.T. Labs have created a firefox add-on and chrome extension that visually and audibly alert you to whenever your personal information is being sent to Google servers. It also keeps running stats that give you the percentage of sites you have recently visited. Downloads of the add-on/extension can be found below:

No-sound version (workplace-friendly)

is also available: click to install

UPDATE: Chrome extension now available (beta): click to install

A video showing the plugin working is posted below. If you’re interested in building on-top of this extension, you can find the MIT Licensed source code on github. More information can be found on

I’m Dreaming Of A Chiptune Christmas

If you are anything like me (which you aren’t), you easily tire of the same old department store Christmas music. To kick myself out of a Nat King Cole induced coma I decided to put together the most complete collection of all 8-bit Christmas music the internets has to offer. This one goes out to you gamers, nostalgia lovers, gimmick freaks, and good old-fashioned Nat King Cole haters.

8-Bit Christmas – $3 at Bandcamp
The 8 Bits Of Christmas – Free (download)
Holy 8bit Night – 2,000 Yen on Japanese Amazon
8-Bit Jesus – Can be purchased for $9.99 on itunes
8 Bit Collective Advent Calendar 2008 – Free, at the 8bit collective
8 Bit Collective Advent Calendar 2009 – Free, at the 8bit collective.
Merry Pixmas – Free (download)
Kasio Kristmas – $8.99 from Amazon
A C64 Christmas – Free (download)
A Very 8-Bit Christmas – Free (download)
Another Very 8-Bit Christmas – Free (download)
A Very 8-Bit Christmas 3 – Free (download)
A Very 8-Bit Christmas 4 – Free (download)
The 8 Bit Christmas Album – Free (Download)

These may not be a strictly “8-bit” albums but they have enough chiptune on them I thought they were close enough to include:
Christmasasaurus Vol 1 – Free (download)
Christmasasaurus Vol 2 – Free (download)
Christmasasaurus Vol 3 – Free (download)
Christmasasaurus Vol 4 – Free (download).
Christmasasaurus Vol 5 – Free (download)

12/16/09 UPDATE: Her are a few new other compilations I’ve found since originally publishing:
It’s A Chiptune Holiday – $8.99 from 8 Bit Weapon
Happy Holidays from Foundation 9 – Not sure how to get a hold of this one yet.
Holiday EP – By Animal Style, I’m not sure where to find this one either.

12/1/11 UPDATE:More 8bit Xmas tune have been found
XMAS Compilation 2010 – Free (download)
Hard Turron: Xmas 2006 Chiptune Collection – Free (download)
A Very Chiptune Christmas – Available for download on Amazon “>Amazon for $5.99 and iTunes for $9.90
N4V1D4D 2010 – Free (download)

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