Noteworthy Tumblr #5: Table For One

Table For One is simple. It has a white background, photos of people eating alone, a title, and that’s about it. However, it elicits some strong feelings from people.

The tumblr didn’t evoke any negative emotions from me, maybe because I eat alone so often. I enjoy eating by myself. You can’t forget that just because you are at a table for one, it doesn’t mean you are alone.

Photo credit: Jerry Hsu

Noteworthy Tumblr #4: Pretty Colors

Pretty Colors is exactly what it says on the tin: a tumblr filled with pretty colors. Currently there are nearly 10,800 pretty colors posted. Under our current system only 16,777,216 colors that can be represented on the web. Given that Pretty Colors doesn’t repeat a color (which I already know they have – color #7900BC has been repeated at least 12 times already) and that it continues posting at about the same rate (which isn’t even close to consistent), the tumblr should be around for about another 1,830 years before it runs out of colors.

Photo credit: Pretty Colors

Additionally, the archive is pretty to look at too. Of course, a properly calibrated screen will be needed to bring across each color’s true prettiness.

Noteworthy Tumblr #3: Pony and “A” Take Over The World

This one is good for a lite chuckle. “A” is A Japanese student taking ESL (English as a Second Language) classes over skype. Pony is her English teacher. As a learning/writing/visual exercise, Pony will show “A” a picture and the have her write two or three sentences about the picture. The images and the sentences then get posted on tumblr for everyone to enjoy. See below for a sample entry:

Pony and A
They came out from their graves because they are bored with sleeping in the graves. They are wearing ragged clothes and their makeup came off with their messy hair. However, they don’t worry about it because they could walk out of the graves.
Photo credit: Pony and “A” Take Over The World”

Noteworthy Tumblr #2: Learning To Be Left-Handed.

Left Handed / Right Handed
Elissa Rose decided to become left-handed. She is training her brain by spending a certain period of time drawing with her left hand each day, posting the results and discussing them on her tumblr Learning To Be Left-Handed.

Within a day or two, the wiggly disasters began to take form and personality. A day or two after that, side-by-side renderings of the same subject showed something unexpected: The left-handed drawings looked more accurate than the right-handed drawings. The left hand still had less control, and they were spatially accurate, more expressive, and made out of wiggly unsure lines.

Noteworthy Tumblr #1: The Artifacting Tumblr

So I decided I want to blog about the interesting and unusual tumblr blogs as I come across them. I’ll be calling this series Noteworthy Tumblr. Of course the best way to kick off this series would be with a link to my own Tumblr called Artifacting. Basically this Tumblr is just a storehouse of images that I come across on the internet that get an emotion out of me (whether it be nostalgia, fear, happiness, or just plain kick-ass-ness). Some of the more popular images I have posted lately include this one, this one, and this one.

A Geek’s Journal From 1976

I have recently been enjoying Steven Thompson’s new blog A Geek’s Journal 1976. Steven was a teenage geek in 1976 and he is blogging all of his old diary entries from that year. Each entry is from the current date – 35 years ago. Here’s an excerpt from today’s entry:

After school I took the bus straight over the river again. I picked up one great comic, one great magazine and two not bad comics…as well as finally giving in and buying HUSTLER. Tried to avoid that last one but guess I didn’t try hard enough. I did manage to avoid actually opening it or even flipping through it, though. Stuffed it right under the chair pillow unread. Maybe the more I learn about myself, the more I realize I don’t really need that kind of thing. I can do without it. Maybe I can hold out past my limit this time without any trouble. I hope so.

While I was over there, I ordered my very first triple from Wendy’s but when I got home I found dad had got my usual six coneys. So…I ate all of it!

In the midst of all the posturing, bravado, and “personal branding” in the blogosphere these days, it’s refreshing to see a project with this much heart. There’s a certain level of exposure and vulnerability to a project like this that I find appealing not only because of the often cringe worthy events recorded there in, but because of the both funny and sad way it is written.

Castle In The Sky

Last Monday at twilight, a large cumulonimbus was hovering over east side of Denver. As an official member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, I went out to snap a few photos of this beauty.

Castles In The Sky

As always, click for a larger photo and more can be found on my flickr page. I wasn’t the only one to notice this castle in the sky though. These other Denver bloggers caught photos too:

  • Cocktail Hour (the best Denver photoblog out there in my opinion)
  • Brofax (another great Denver photoblog)
  • Future Gringo
  • Little Things Are Big
  • Socialist Dilemma
  • Chaos On The Rink

    I guess I’ll try and catch up on some of my recent doings.

    Last Friday was opening night for the Denver Roller Dolls. We got some free tickets for donating to Denver Safehouse which, of course, made the event even sweeter. Dang, roller derbies are an absolute blast. It took me a little while (about one and a half periods) to figure out the rules and how the scoring worked but it was fun to watch even when I had no clue what was going on. It was a home team match with the Bad Apples and Green Barrettes facing off against one another. I was rooting for the Bad Apples which was unfortunate as they lost. I remember the roller derby days of the early 1980’s and watching the bouts on late night television and it is so much more fun to watch live

    DRD’s two home teams will face off once again in September, and it will be interesting to watch such an even-matched game once again. You should go. Donate to Denver Safehouse regardless. It should also be noted that the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls have a bout against the Pikes Peak Derby Dames (Colorado Springs league, these women look like full-on slamazons. Yikes!) next Saturday.

    The Derby Dolls are heavy on the internet which is cool in my book. Just about all of them have a blog or myspace account. Azraelisa and Paisli were a referees on Friday. And Tammytoes retired.

    Cassie at Wayward Panties put together a rough & tumble playlist for the bout.

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