Google Alarm

It’s no secret that Google is monitoring and recording tons of personal information and documenting your surfing habits as you cruise around the internet. Gmail, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, YouTube embeds, API calls… all of this data can be used to monitor & track your personal web browsing habits

The fine folks over at F.A.T. Labs have created a firefox add-on and chrome extension that visually and audibly alert you to whenever your personal information is being sent to Google servers. It also keeps running stats that give you the percentage of sites you have recently visited. Downloads of the add-on/extension can be found below:

No-sound version (workplace-friendly)

is also available: click to install

UPDATE: Chrome extension now available (beta): click to install

A video showing the plugin working is posted below. If you’re interested in building on-top of this extension, you can find the MIT Licensed source code on github. More information can be found on

FLV Embed Plugin

I have been recently using a great new wordpress plugin on Artifacting to display flash movies. Examples of it in use can be seen here and here. The plugin is called FLV Embed and was created by Yaosan Yeo. I’ve tried several other plugins that perform a similar functions and this is by far the best one I’ve found so far. Ultra simple installation, tons of options and customizations, and ease of use make this a plugin worth looking into if you want to display .flv movies on your site.

My Netflix Lists

Sorry guys, it took me a little while to figure out how to get this to work, but this is a continuously (dynamically) updated list of my netflix info. Special thanks to Oscar for the plug-in.

UPDATE: Since Netflix changed there API the plugin no longer works. Sorry again.

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