The Food At Casa Bonita

You’re right, nobody goes to Casa Bonita for the food. But because buying a meal is mandatory for entrance, nobody goes to Casa Bonita without the food. Long heralded as the worst Mexican food in Denver, the dinners and lunches at Casa Bonita have become a legend in themselves. Below is a picture of the combination meal that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. Does it really look all that bad? Rest assured it tasted nearly exactly like it looks. Horrible.

Is It Really That Bad? The food at Casa Bonita

Other photos from my trip to Casa Bonita can be found in this flickr set.

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6 thoughts on “The Food At Casa Bonita”

    1. In a word, no. But it’s all about the kids Leslie. If friends or relatives come to town with their young children I almost always suggest Casa Bonita. Quite often I try to tag along too. Other than seeing the enjoyment from the kids it punches me with a fist of nostalgia. I like that. The food is nothing a couple of tums can’t handle. I have personally cooked worse.

  1. Unfortunate.
    I was planning on visiting the Casa when I visit some family friends in Denver. Admittedly, at least in part, because of the South Park episode. I’m so sad. Especially because it would be a great business if they had real food. I live in California, and no self respecting Mexican would produce what you have pictured on that plate. A cultural mockery and crime has been committed, and it’s name is Casa Bonita.

    Thank you for the heads up. I really mean it!

    1. Well, I’m doubtful any food-respecting Mexicans are working at Casa Bonita anyways. But don’t let the food get in the way. The atmosphere and experience more than make up for the slop pictured above.

  2. I believe the photo above has been doctored. I have been to Casa Bonita, and their food actually looks WORSE than that picture! hahaha.

    Besides, if you are a grown-up, you should know that if you are going to Casa Bonita, you eat a meal before going to the restaurant. Then when you go to Casa Bonita, you just eat the sopapillas and get tanked on margaritas.

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