Tweets For The Week Of 2009-04-06

  • Hello @denversnow it’s nice to see you again this morning. #
  • I dont think the drive for status on twitter has pushed people to contribute more and better content. Therefore follower #s are unproductive #
  • RT @DenvTweetGuide: The top 115 tweeps to follow in Colorado! #
  • RT @negatendo: That person you keep retweeting? Despite that they have 13,000 followers, they definitely need your help getting the word out #
  • Who’s has the best mac & cheese recipe? #
  • The thunder snowstorm that everyone in Boulder was raving about has reached Denver. #
  • I think I’m going to start announcing my #unfollow s here. Just so the twits I’m dumping don’t think I’m a bot. #
  • Man, the pro version of Twitter is rocking my world! Here’s a beta invite #
  • The powder snow at A-basin was some of the best I have had all year. #
  • Still recovering from a night of karaoke at Armeidas yesterday. #
  • The snow outside right now is very serene – it’s large and slow and falling straight down. #

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