Tweets For The Week Of 2009-08-10

  • This will make any father smile. How Man See Boy #
  • Experimenting with chrome in a business/research environment. #
  • #
  • When I was a child I took to swimming like a fish to water. #
  • There are two things I cant stand in this world: people who make fun of rock bands without explaining why they dont like them and Pearl Jam. #
  • Back from getting Henry's cast changed. He is not pleased with me right now. #
  • Your Secret's Out "You're too old for this shit and you're sick of it." #
  • Chicken wings! #
  • Man day. Put up a fence. Drank beer. Used power tools. Ate chicken wings. Watched football. #
  • RT @IndigoStar: @dwiskus is prepping chicken for dinner. Hey…wait a minute #

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