What Deener Was Talkin’ About

First of all I have to give mad props out to Billy-Charles for making a favatar plugin that actually works with DreamHost. I wasted half my Saturday trying to get this working. It was definately a case of being too insistant. I have no idea how Billy-Charles got it to work, but somehow he did. Thanks again Billy Boy. What does this mean to you. Nothing really. Only now if you have a favicon, it will show up next to your name when you comment. I think it’s cool but I can’t believe I wasted my entire Saturday morning trying to implement it.

I take that back. My Saturday did involve something extrodinary. I was able to get my grubby, bony fingers on four tickets to the Ween show this Summer! I’m incredibly stoked about seening them. This is what Deener was talkin’ about! Thanks for the password Little Spanish Eddie (Big Black Betty).

Sunday involved a tax appointment that resulted in a ginormous return, a wonderful lunch at Tacos Junior, and about 3 hours of stunt kite flying in 25-30 mph winds.

4 thoughts on “What Deener Was Talkin’ About”

  1. Haha. I’m sorry, but that did actually make me feel better. I would have never figured it out. I don’t even know what ‘curl’ is. Once again thanks for all your hard work Billy and for helping out a stranger. I’ll be sure to “pay it forward”. Thanks again.

  2. no problemo. nice pull on my alias btw, not many know where that comes from.

    so maybe your people will want to pre-funk/go to the show with my people? have your people get with my people and we’ll discuss.

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