Denver Public Library Launches eFlicks

Hip hip hurray for the Denver Public Library! Today DPL becomes the first public library in the nation to begin a new eFlicks service (which is now available on the same site as the eBooks and the audio eBooks.) which will allow you download the library’s volume of digital movies.

If you wish to download and view the library’s movies, you will need the Overdrive Media Console, Windows Media Player, a Denver Public Library card, and a high speed internet connection. Does anybody know anything about the Overdrive Media Console? Is it some sort of crippling DRM software? After this whole Sony CD crippling DRM software fiasco I’m a little paranoid.

The Denver Pubic Library reports that, “There will be two file sizes available for each title. The highest quality and largest file size is for those wishing to view the video on a computer or laptop. The lower quality and smaller file size is for downloading to mobile devices such as Pocket PCs or SmartPhones. The videos can be watched on any device that supports protected Windows Media video. The service is not compatible with Macs or iPods.”

Although the selection of movies right now is relatively limited, DPL claims that their vendor is quickly adding distributors and the library will have a much larger selection to choose from in the near future. However there are already a few title I want to download including the Ramones: RAW, the IMAX Amazon movie, Endless Summer, and Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2.

UPDATE: Somebody made this incredibly helpful bookmarklet that allows you to both search for and hold books books at the Denverver Public Library (there is also a bookmarklet there for JeffCo Public Library) straight from any book page. This will allow me to quickly find out if the library has the book before I purchase it. Definately handy. Thanks Paisley.

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