And The Winner Is….

After a very prolonged and heart-pounding week, the suspense is finally over. The much awaited results for the very ballyhooed cholesterol contest have finally arrived.

Before we get to the results, I would like to make a few thank-yous. First to my doctor, without whom the blood-work would never have been processed. I would also like to thank all the doctors who were involved in the process of discovering cholesterol and thus providing us with one more thing to worry about (not to mention discovering one more thing that can kill us). I can’t forget to thank my parents for providing me with the blood, and eggs for providing me with the cholesterol. Oh yeah, I’d also like to thank Jesus because somehow it seems necessary.

The contestants and their respective guesses follow:

  • Dave : 110
  • Laura : 250
  • Chevy : 125

    The processing of the entries was long and arduous but a definite winner was established. Thanks to everyone who participated. This contest was a raging success and the winner will be thusly awarded. So without further ado, here are the results:

    That would make the winner Chevy Valentine. Please email me your home or work address (or wherever you want your prize mailed to) and you will be receiving the new Mates Of State CD.

    I hope everyone enjoyed himself and herself. I did (notice the doctor’s note says my results are perfect).

  • 11 thoughts on “And The Winner Is….”

    1. Don’t I get credit for my obnoxiously high guess? C’mon, it was funny, wasn’t it?

      Ok, ok, Mr. Perfect. I’ll just go sulk in the corner with my super high cholesterol. Too bad I don’t have a cd to listen to in order to console myself for my loss… snif snif.

    2. i cant believe i won! ive never won anything! id like to thank the academy, my producers, my mom for always giving us kids everything….

    3. What about 2nd place? It’s not 1st. Sorry Dave.

      Laura, you get lots of credit, but no prize. Bonus warm fuzzies for making me chuckle though. And I’m sure if you asked Chevy nicely she would burn a copy for you (or maybe just give it to you if she hates it). And why can’t I get all my friends to call me Mr. Perfect?

    4. Oh, I see. “Second place is first loser.” Fine then.
      But Laura gets warm Fuzzies… I’m beginning to smell something… and it ain’t pretty…

    5. yeah, i smell that too. it smells kinda fruity…. like whine. 🙂

      Don’t worry Dave, I’ll have another contest sometime in the not-too-distant future. Only 40 points away was a damn good guess and you may take it next time. Hopefully you’r as good a winner as you are a loser 🙂

      Ask Chevy, I’m sure she’ll burn a copy for you. Have a great weekend.

    6. Laura, your selfless generosity reminds me that indeed, it was never about winning or losing, but about building character and coming together as a team. I humbly thank you for your offer, and in turn demand that you keep all of the said fuzzies for your use, because you deserve them far more than I.
      I must remember to celebrate the moral victories more often, even if the scoreboard’s not in my favor…

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