Boulder, Colorado: America’s Foodiest Town

According to Bon Appétit, this years award for the foodiest town goes to Boulder, Colorado. The criteria for the award are as follows:

Our criteria for the annual report on “America’s Foodiest Town”: Small (fewer than 250,000 people), quality farmers’ markets, concerned farmers, dedicated food media, first-rate restaurants, talented food artisans, and a community of food lovers.

Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Portland, Maine were the winners of the 2008 and 2009 awards respectively. Boulder restaurants mentioned in the article include:
Dish Gourmet
The Kitchen
Frasca Food and Wine
Pizzeria Basta
The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
Café Aion
Kim & Jake’s Cakes
Sushi Tora
Boulder County Farmers’ Market
Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

Foursquare Specials In Colorado

If you don’t know what Foursquare is, go read this post, sign-up at Foursquare and start checking into places.

Recently, certain venues on Foursquare started offering free stuff (drinks, appetizers, etc.) to their mayors. For example, just last week Parallel 17 started offering a free drink to it’s mayor. So, if you are Kat O. (whose twitter stream seems to consist almost entirely of foursquare entries), the current mayor of Parrallel 17, go help yourself to a free glass of wine.

There are a bunch other places in Colorado that currently offer “incentives” to foursquare participants. For instance CeFiore offers one free organic tea to the mayor, Tee & Cakes offers a free cupcake for the mayor and Modmarket gives away a free flatbread pizza for every 10th checkin on Foursquare. And Foursquare is signing up partnerships with other venues all the time.

To help take advantage of the freebies, I wrote a script that keeps track of all the new partnerships that Foursquare signs up in the Colorado area. Below you will find a list of the most recent places you can get specials from Foursquare. This list is automatically updated as soon as foursquare announces them, so check back often. Or you can subscribe to my feed (using the button below) to recieve immediate notification of all the specials in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins as they are announced.

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foreach ( $items as $item ) : ?>

RSS Feed To Foursquare Specials In Colorado

Art In Your Park

Art At Your Park at Eban G. Fine Park, Boulder

On Saturday Pandy and me headed up to Boulder. We went to “Art In Your Park”. A friend of ours puts together an “art in your park” event in various parks around Colorado about once a month during the summer time. He has gotten a couple grants and a bunch of permits to help bring creative outlets and artistic awareness into the public. We pack up easels, water soluble non-toxic paints (cause little kids and dogs at parks tend to spill and drink a fair amount of paint), colored pencils, markers, crayons, painting boards, tons of good quality paper, cleaning supplies, a couple of signs, and all kinds of art supplies. We then haul it out to a local park. At the park, anyone who happens be wandering through and feels the need to get a little creative is free to do so. For free! Paint as many paintings you want, of whatever you want. All creativity is welcomed, and it’s a great way to expose kids and their parents alike to art and painting. Most parks bring in lots of families with variety of income levels, race, and other demographics. It’s fun seeing everyone have a good time. Nobody has walked away from Art In your Park without a smile. Boulder was no exception and the day was a real success (the last art in the park I attended was a bit of a flop due to weather) and lasted for about six hours. And really, not much can top a whole day of lazing around a park, taking in the sun, and relaxing – paintbrush or not.

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