Full Double Rainbow Songs

I’m sure you have seen Hungrybear9562’s incredibly emotional and hilarious “Mountain Giant Double Rainbow” video by this point. If you haven’t, go watch it now! Trust me it’s worth the three and a half minutes of your life that it will cost.

What you might not know, is that there are a handful of musical remixes already created. Check them out below:

The Gregory Brothers of Auto-Tune the News fame have turned the new famous video into one of their clever overly autotuned songs. The ditty finishes with a vocal rendition from the band.
Double Rainbow Song

“Somewhere Over The Double Rainbow” is the best remix to date in my opinion. Created by James Urbaniak, it’s a mashup with Kermit the frog’s “Rainbow Connection”. Brilliant!
Somewhere Over The Double Rainbow

“Auto Tune The Rainbow” is a pretty horrible remix (and the only one actually trying to make a buck off this) slapped together by Mason VanValin.
Auto Tune The Rainbow

Twin Cities-based producer Gigamesh has just released a remix called “It’s So Intense.” Gigamesh pushes past the meme and turns it into a surprisingly listenable little dance jam.
It’s So Intense

The game designers over at Rockethands created Double Rainbow (All The Way). I like the 70’s rock vibe it has. It’s a lot more organic than any of the others too. Which is nice.
Double Rainbow (All The Way)

Lastly we have the youtube doubler of “Giant Double Rainbow” mashed up with porn music. It actually kinda works in a gross sort of way.

If you find Yosemitebear Mountain Giant (Paul Vasquez) intriguing, you might want to check out the short history and interview with him over at Urlesque.

Billy Mays Is A Sad Robot – Part II

I’ve said it before but I think this really proves it. Billy Mays really is a sad robot. The video below was created by John Boswell, the same guy who puts together all of those great Symphony Of Science Videos that have been going around the internet lately.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/BillyMaysInfomercialBallad.flv height=390 width=500 /]

If you really fell in love with this, feel free to download the track here: Billy Mays-The Auto Tune Infomercial Ballad

Crying Over Auto Tune Part II

A couple weeks back I posted about an auto-tuned crying baby. Well DJ /Rupture was given a track put together by DJ Champion call “Baako” witch mixes the auto-tuned crybaby from my previous post over a relentlessly simple loop. DJ /Rupture says,

Arnold Zea gave this to me. He got it in Ghana, telling me, “I remember two guys in the studio listening to this music and talking about it as music for body exercise.” It is 12 minutes long and features a baby crying through full Auto-Tune (and cheap reverb). There’s more, but I’m not gonna spoil it here. The sound makes you stop and listen. Oh yeah, it’s over a one-bar hiplife loop.

I think it’s pretty horrible. Have a listen: DJ Champion – Baako

On the other end of the spectrum, Matt Smith, has created his own sample of an auto-tuned crying baby and turned it into an absolutely wonderful song that will get stuck in your gooey grey matter all day. As of yet, there is just a sample but give it a listen: Matt Smith – Untitled

I can’t make a post like this without mentioning Buzz Clifford’s “Baby Sittin’ Boogie”. This song may be considered the original baby-sound song. The song peaked at #6 on Billboards Hot 100 in 1961 and eventually sold over 1 million copies. I think it’s terrible.

I would have to say my favorite baby-sound song is Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”

Another African DJ, Lwamondo Production, has used the same baby crying sample from above for his remix called Baby Cryin.

Billy Mays Is A Sad Robot

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/billymaysrobot.flv height=350 width=500 /]

There is something about this Kaboom commercial that is filtered through auto-tune that I really enjoy. It was created by CastOutTheSelf, and although it may not be quite as funny as Jabo0ody’s dubs, I like it better.

This Kaboom commercial is apparently run at 140 BPM. I wonder if there have been and studies done to determine the perfect beats per minute for shysters to use for there sing-song pitches? Does the lyrical styling of Billy May’s script help us tune into the commercial?

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