Sushi Infographic

I love sushi. But that is only part of the reason I enjoy Sung Hwan Jang’s wonderful sushi infographic. The graphic’s eye pleasing and cartoonish simplcity hit me right in the Chris Ware. Sung has put together all kinds of fun graphical posters detailing everything from pizza to constellations to camping to the Bauhaus art movement.

Sushi Infographic

I’d love to get this poster for my kitchen but I’m unsure how to purchase it from the Korean websites.

Stop Being So Defensive!

Here is an interesting chart from the folks over at Information Is Beautiful showing how your therapist sees you. They call it a “psycho-dimensional infographic for navigating the psychotherapeutic conception of the individual self and its defenses”. I call it “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?“. Although I consider my self pretty mentally and emotionally healthy I probably fall on the Healthy/Oral/Rigid side of the wheel. How about you?

Being Defensive

Friends, Lovers, And Family

After the low-brow posts below I guess I’ll put up something a little more high-brow. Lapham’s Quarterly has been kickin’ it hard online lately. In fact, nearly half of their latest issue is available free online. Good stuff in here folks, take some time to have a good look. I have been particularly entertained by the charts and graphs. The diagram below is one of my favorites from the tons of fun literary diagrams (and plain ol’ smart thinking) you’ll find inside.

diagram via Lapham’s Quarterly

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