Sushi Infographic

I love sushi. But that is only part of the reason I enjoy Sung Hwan Jang’s wonderful sushi infographic. The graphic’s eye pleasing and cartoonish simplcity hit me right in the Chris Ware. Sung has put together all kinds of fun graphical posters detailing everything from pizza to constellations to camping to the Bauhaus art movement.

Sushi Infographic

I’d love to get this poster for my kitchen but I’m unsure how to purchase it from the Korean websites.

Everybody’s A Winner

Coudal Partners Field Tested Books Poster

There was a package on the table when I came home yesterday. I was pleased to find out it was a limited edition (575) print created by Dan and Mike of Aesthetic Apparatus. The print celebrates the latest release of the Coudal Partners’ Field Tested Books which is a project in which people are asked to review books that made a particular impact on them relative to where they were read. A fun idea. Fortunately enough, I recieved my poster free-o-charge by winning the 543612 contest but you can get yours here.

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