2009: The Year In Blogging

Despite my lousy blogging habits in 2009 the blog continued to grow and I almost doubled my amount of unique viewers over the year. Below is a graph of my total number of absolute unique readers which totaled 206,881 over the year. The drop in late June was due to a serverside attack.

The top ten referring sites to Artifacting (with search engines removed) during 2009 were:
1. Yahoo Answers
2. Boing Boing
3. Facebook
4. Dethroner
5. Stumbleupon
6. Twitter
7. Reddit
8. Serious Eats
9. ui.
10. Sensible Erection

I found it surprising that there wasn’t a single personal blog on the list this year. Are personal blogs going the way of the ghost?

Below is a chart of referrals to Artifacting throughout 2009:

Below are the top ten most visited posts published in 2009:
1. I’m About To Whip Somebody’s Ass
2. Billy Mays Is A Sad Robot
3. The Coolest, Craziest, Kitty Cat Desktop Wallpaper On The Internet
4. Bell Pepper Teratoma
5. Crying Over Auto Tune Part II
6. I’m Dreaming Of A Chiptune Christmas
7. Fuckin’ Math
8. Another Word For Vagina
9. Definitive List Of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet (+10)

General stats for Artifacting are as follows:
Posts 1,086
Categories 66
Comments 4,290

2009: The Year In Artifacting

So, here is where I have to admit that Artifacting has been pretty weak during 2009.

Not a lot of posts. Not a lot of links. Really, just not a lot of blogging. Regardless, I would be remiss not to share with you the best of what little happened around here during 2009. So, I’m just going to point you out to the 2009 archives. Don’t be scared, my entire archive for 2009 is shorter than just the best of for 2008.

2009: My Year In Music

According to last.fm these are the bands that I listened to most during 2009. There was only one band that was also on last years list: Ween.

    1. Bishop Allen
    2. Ween (1st last year)
    3. Bright Eyes
    4. Against Me!
    5. The Apples In Stereo
    6. Modest Mouse
    7. Air
    8. The Weakerthans
    9. Mates Of State
    10. Pinback

Below is a wave graph of the top artists that I listened to over the last year (click for a larger image). It’s a great way to visualize the trends in my listening habits throughout the year. And it sure is purty.

Below is a list of my most listened to songs of 2009

    1. Bishop Allen – Little Black Ache full track
    2. Bishop Allen – St. Ivan’s Day School full track
    3. Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    3. Beastie Boys – Country Mike’s Theme
    4. Bishop Allen – The Rabbit full track
    5. Bishop Allen – Things Are What You Make of Them
    6. The Apples in Stereo – About Your Fame full track
    7. Bishop Allen – Busted Heart full track
    8. The Mountain Goats – No Children
    9. Sia – Breathe Me
    10. The Apples in Stereo – The Silvery Light of a Dream full track

Some of the best live shows I’ve seen this year include:
Tool / Widespread Panic
Jojo’s Mardi Gras Band
Bishop Allen

Last.fm is the service I use to track my listening habits. I’m always trying to discover new music so please go ahead and friend me over at last.fm.

2009: My Year In Cities & Towns

Below is a list of cities and towns I’ve visited in 2009. I spent one or more nights spent in each place. Those cities marked with an * were visited multiple times on non-consecutive days. Travel for me this year was about average. None of my traveling was for work last year, it was all for leisure and fun.

Frisco, CO
Vail, CO
Edwards, CO
Winter Park, CO
Avon, CO*
Saint-Berain-sur-Dheune, France
Paris, France
Brekenridge, CO
Niwot, CO*
Leadville, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Littleton, CO
Denver, CO*

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