Benjamen Walker’s Theory Of Everything: I haven’t really gotten into this whole podcasting thing yet but this looks like it could be a good one.

Not your ordinary Mashup! This Beatles Mash-up Medley mix is made up by appx 40 Beatles songs, with sometimes five different songs playing at the same time. A must hear.

Transformational geometry and interation in cornrow hairstyles.

DVD Light Display: Turn your T.V. into a futuristic light display. Play this dvd and watch as 8 recorded colors are “played”. Use your T.V. as a cool new lighting element or lamp at your next party. It way too expensive, but a great idea.


Flowers From ChevyFlowers From ChevyFlowers From Chevy

Remember a while back when I got flowers. They were the best gift I’ve received all year. They lasted a long time too, a little over three weeks. But now there gone so I’m glad I took some pictures of them to show you. Plus, now the one who sent them to me can see why I thought they were so spectacular.

Flowers For Algerhubs

Today was great. When I came into the office this morning the receptionist called me up and told me I had a FedEx waiting up front. I told her, “Cool thanks. I’ll be up there in a bit,” thinking that the proof for a report I had sent to the printers had arrived. After an hour or so the receptionist called back and said that I had better come get the package because it may be urgent.

Well it was, because waiting up front for me was a box full of Winter Lillys. From out of nowhere. For no reason. And it totally made my week. They’re wonderful and they’re sitting in a big glass vase on my desk right now just itching to pop into bloom. I’ve never been sent flowers to the office before. It creates quite a commotion. Lots of people are asking questions I’m not used to answering. Words like “jealous” and “admirer” and phrases like “who is she?” and “you must have done something right” have been making me blush and stumble around all day. I love it. Thanks.

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