Chronophoto Is A Fun Game Where You Guess The Age Of Photographs


I thoroughly enjoyed playing a few rounds of Chronophoto. It’s is a game in which you guess the dates of five historical photographs. The more accurate your guess, the higher your score. Each photograph has its own set of clues that give away the era — film quality, subject matter, products, uniforms, fashion, vehicles, and colorization,

My scores are all over the board, but after about 5 rounds I got a high score of 3,315. When I was wrong, I was really wrong. I did get a couple of guesses right on the spot – resulting in 1,000 points each – but being wrong is almost more interesting.

Five Things You Probably Never Knew About Me

I really have very few absolute secrets. Everything that has ever been done by/to/for/ me, is known about by another person. There is very little I can expose about myself that is not known by at least one other living human. But Mark has tagged me for one of those meme-meta things a while back so I figured I ought to give a shot anyway by tailoring it to the readers of this. So, without further ado… Five Things You Probably Never Knew About Me:

    1. I only have one kidney. I wasn’t born that way.
    2. For four months, in the nicest house of which I will probably ever live, I slept on the hardwood floors with just three blankets underneath me.
    3. I have an affinity for the moon and the ocean but don’t understand tides.
    4. I regularly trade the stock market.
    5. Yeah, right, like I’m really gonna type that out for the whole world to see. Let your imagination run wild.


The Wedding Cake :: My brothers wedding :: Jefferson Island, LA

I spent most of last week in Louisiana celebrating the marriage of my brother and his Bride.

My brother is hitched. It’s hard to find words to describe how happy I am for the both of them. That’s part of the reason I slipped past doing my best man speech (which I now feel totally guilty about). I’d written it on the plane ride down there, I had the angle I was going to take outlined in my mind for months, I had it all written down and in my pocket ready to go. But when it came down to it, my nerves got the best of me and I failed to deliver. I handed the hand written speech to them after the wedding and told them to open it on the first night of their honeymoon. That made me feel a little better. Anyway, I wish everyone could have as much happiness and fun as they do together.

All of it was gorgeous. It was a great afternoon/evening/night of friends, family, and celebration. So much happened that it’s hard to remember it all. My brother and Pandy are two of the most important people in my life and I wish them the best of everything life has to offer.


The sunset on Lake Peigneur :: My brothers wedding :: Jefferson Island, LA

Mood Views

LiveJournal is one of several simple-to-use personal publishing (“blogging”) tools. Bloggers using LiveJournal can report their mood at the time of writing a post; about 80% of the posts indeed have a mood attached to them. MoodViews is a collection of tools for tracking the stream of mood-annotated text made available by LiveJournal and has lot of cool tools to visualize the mood of the LiveJournal.

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